Judith Whitmer for 2nd Vice Chair of the Clark County Democratic Party

Fellow Democrats,

    The position of 2nd Vice Chair is all about raising money. With my experience in fundraising and budget management, I will take the lead in raising more funds than we ever have before so that we can grow the Party and elect Democrats for every seat in Nevada from City Council to the Governor's Office. To accomplish this, I will also work closely with every Club and Caucus on joint fundraising projects to establish a support system for grassroots activism. My goal is to grow the clubs so that we have a strong activist base that will turn out to testify, expand voter registration, campaign for candidates, and show up at rallies. It is the responsibility of the Executive Board to do everything in our power to get Democrats elected and I will make certain that we have every dollar needed to do so.

I ask for your vote at the July 8th Executive Board election at the Central Committee meeting for the Clark County Democratic Party.

In Solidarity,